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The Owners

Paul and Kelly Marks met in 1990 when Kelly began working as a verbal SAT tutor for Paul's mom. Within months they were dating and fell in love. In 1992, they partnered together and opened a satellite SAT tutoring operation in Harrisburg, NC. Initially, they had just 3 students who attended the course; however, Paul and Kelly fully believed in their unique style of teaching and within one year, enrollment exceeded more than 120 students.

After getting married in 1993, Paul and Kelly continued to work together and teach the SAT. They saw each other 24/7!!! In the spring of 2002, Paul's mother, Arleen, retired from the business and they took over the operation.

As they celebrate 20 years of SAT tutoring and look forward to 20 more years of teaching, they are training their 17-year-old daughter, Madison, to take over the business when the time comes. They are excited that changes in the test and changes in technology keep their job fun and fresh.

Picture of Kelly sitting on the front steps.  The co-owner of Briarcliff Hall ( The SAT Program)
Kelly Marks
Picture of Paul looking off into the distance.  The co-owner of Briarcliff Hall ( The SAT Program)
Paul Marks
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